A Must Have Dress

A Must Have Dress


Everyone is different, so we must have a fashion style that best suits our personality without overexposed and looking quirky. Many of us used to wear anything that come in season. But the reality is that not everything fits us well or goes with our personality. Everyone is different, so we must have a fashion style that best suits our personality. Fashion is nothing but highlighting the best of us.  

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A fresh design for one of the most popular items on our page! The added sleeves give the dress a more elegant edge. Have fun being your fashion designer and create a unique piece that is your own.

Always wear free fabric in one tone to achieve a long, slim look.
Be honest and Wear clothes based on your body structure.
Remember that organic cotton and silk are great for summer. Velvet and leather are apt for winters.

Opt for lighter shades like Aqua, ocean blue, coral, and pink for a morning party, or try trendy coral colors. Or for vibrant colors during evening occasions that can add sparkling effects to your style sense.

If you are short, it is advisable to avoid wearing short dresses. Instead, go for long skirts with an excellent fish cut. If you are thin, avoid wearing sleeveless clothes. It would be advisable to wear dark-colored clothes as they hide your pale body structure. If you have a medium format, wear beige and fawn color clothes. Wear clothes of your size. Never opt for oversize garments.

Skin tone

If you have a fair complexion, then gold with a blend of copper would look beautiful. 
If you are medium Wheaties colored, mixed shades of white, beige, and bronzy golden would suit your style.

Dark skin women should wrap themselves with golden copper shades.


Be careful while selecting accessories. Just don’t pick up something for the heck of it. Remember, your accessories speak more about you than your clothes.

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