Kalent Zaiz Collection


Kalent Zaiz Collection is a Latin-American women’s and Men’s wear brand, founded by the Actress, Hypnotherapist, Editor-in-Chief, Author, Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer Kalent Zaiz in 2019. Longtime the actress and her passion of creator, to discover new forms, textures and every in the human taste. The actress shares a dynamic background spanning design, production, retail, marketing, and creative direction. Her combined sensibilities are visible in every piece designed with a unique style.

Designs with great colors and beautiful patterns Kalent Zaiz Collection Drive the design process. The actress describes her designs as “comfortable, refined, and effortlessly modern.”. as a result is we distinctly personal collection, crafted with a signature look of sophistication.

Kalent Zaiz Collection is available in over 100 of the worlds leading retail outlets, including Kalent Zaiz Collection stores, KZaiz.com, KZaiz. Co, KZaiz magazine, Kalent-Zaiz.com, Kalent Zaiz Collection Amazon store, KZaiz Collection eBay store.