The Obstacle of Latina Actresses in Hollywood

The Obstacle of Latina Actresses in Hollywood


Hollywood is a world-renowned city full of glamour, glitz, lights, blockbuster movies, and its well-known celebrities, including actresses, specifically Latin actresses who are globally influential women; achieving success takes work. They have demonstrated that it is not impossible, and they have arrived thanks to their talent, dedication, and beauty; now, their long races remain high since its beginning.

The highest-paid wages

They are talented; some are even entrepreneurs and launch products based on their image. These actresses have transcended their international success, generating a very high salary; each year, they get millions of dollars thanks to their performances in film and television. Colombian actress Sofia Vergara tops the list of actresses as the best-paid in Hollywood. 

Prejudice is an obstacle in Hollywood

Hollywood is full of anti-Hispanic prejudices, in the case of  Jennifer Lopez, who ignored them, seeing herself as an actress, not just a simple Latin actress.  Actress and singer Rita Moreno stated that she was a victim of these prejudices. Being discriminated against for being Latin. Hollywood can be a city full of glitz and glamour, but it has its dark side; however, they have successfully overcome all obstacles.

Beauty vs. Dexterity and Talent   

Notably, these acts are recognized starting with their admirable beauty projected in their photos, cinema, television, or red carpet.  Besides talent, beauty is one of its pillars to reach the top. But success has become more than getting an actress contract; Actresses and other Latino talents are focusing on the industry in its broad sense. Success is no longer a contract. Now, they are more involved in the industry, the producers, directors, entrepreneurs of their brands, investors, or associate producers.
Such is the case of     
Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Kalent Zaiz, Jessica Alba, Sisters Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, and others.
What do all these artists have in common? They are all independent entrepreneurs with their brands of clothing, perfumes, films, and book publishing. They launch products and services that are useful and generate profits. At the same time, they prepare to fight the battle of their next film, whether it is "Heroes or Villains." This is striving that needs no complacency. But respect and admiration in a market full of discrimination, sexual manipulation, and economic power.

Latinas Hollywood Prototypes

The Latin actresses in Hollywood are continuing to gain the admiration of the younger generation; now, it is no longer enough to have a sculptured body, brown or blonde hair with talents in the arts like singing, dancing, or acting now, the Latin prototype is supposed to have sexual will and more sensuality. However, the actresses continue to work hard to keep their physiques attractive while portraying spectacular images. 

Representing Latina in Hollywood

Latin representation in Hollywood is scarce,

and only a few actresses can make their way in the industry and reach their goals; this also becomes a greater obstacle to the success of future actresses. The industry indeed demands an image of beauty and fiery bodies with style, but another detail of being Latin is that some of the currently recognized actresses have fought their way through and overcome the obstacles in their way, You have to be insistent and never give up. It is important to hold on to follow and achieve your goal.





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