How will getting featured in a magazine boost your Persona, brand, service, store, or product? 

We talk about the importance of media magazine publications. The list of benefits goes on: from growing your credibility as an industry leader and developing your SEO presence to generating content to be shared on your social accounts. Though possibly one of the greatest assets is that you’re putting your brand in front of the eyes of an already-existing audience without having to go through the growing pains of developing your own.

"KZaiz Magazine" is eager to support the business growth of entrepreneurs, fashion designers, artists, models, coaches, actors, consultants, therapists, store owners, leaders, inspirational speakers, creators, authors, services, and more!

You're wondering how you're going to keep your customers engaged with your brand, talent, product, or business to influence your customer's decisions. I get it. I have been there before.

When everything else seems to rush, be temporary, fleeting, and quickly forgotten, "KZaiz Magazine" offers something tangible—a lasting testament to your work, product, talent, and passion. So whatever your project, whether it's business, personal, or a bit of both, add it to our magazine, and you will remember it forever. 

I recognize this uncertain time can create unique challenges for your business. As an entrepreneur, I'm working to support your products, services, brand, and talent, build awareness, and keep your feet on track. 

Being on the cover of this type of magazine used to be an opportunity only for a very well-known name or for rich people able to pay thousands of dollars. To appear on a magazine cover for a similar magazine like "Bazaar," "People" and others, you may need to pay around $45-150K plus also pass for a series of filters to get in the door of one of these magazines only full of images and not necessarily relevant content. 

In "KZaiz Magazine," we are committed to the growth of people and businesses or services like yours. Our magazine is full of excellent quality content, and our design and print are high quality. And very well-known people on our cover all the time. We are over eight years in the market, with a very high demand for talents, brands, and entrepreneurs. 

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During this time and to support our people, we have an unprecedented opportunity for you to provide an insightful, upbeat look at what makes you or your product or service special in a unique, elegant, modern way. Many of you know me, my name is Kalent Zaiz, and I'm the CEO of "KZaiz International, Inc.", the owner of "Kalent Zaiz Collection," and the founder of "KZaiz Magazine," an online print and digital magazine. Our magazine was created to support, empower, and promote entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and actors to grow their coaching, consulting, and professional service-based businesses! And guess what? You don't need to pay $45-150K for this opportunity. So you could be the world's next successful and important person on the magazine cover in your industry.


Bonus #1 value) By being our next successful and important person on the magazine cover, you also receive a special bonus of 5 free inside pages to showcase your services, talent, or product. 

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What makes "KZaiz Magazine" different?

  • Print and digital magazines.
  • Globally distributed to thousands of visitors from Google and social media.
  • Link directly to your social media platforms and your website by adding a picture of the cover through a link. Your business partners may also link to the "KZaiz Magazine" article, and your customers can see your latest issues and offers.
  • High-quality advertising at no extra cost.
  • Ad sizes to meet every budget.
  • Responsive customer service.


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