Managing Fear To Public Speaking

Does the fear of speaking in public kill you?

You know a hundred percent of the topic you will talk about it. You have learned and practiced it over and over. You see, the audience is just waiting for you — it is not impossible to do it. And your presentation has been carefully evaluated. But the monkeys are jumping in your head, telling you you will fail. 

  • There is your Conscious mind rationing, looking for obstacles and excuses?
  • Do you know you're ready, you're safe? You should feel secure. But you don't think that way?
  • Something in your mind is sending a clear negative signal of fear?
  • Your heartbeat increases, your head feels confused, your stomach clenches, and all your muscles contract.  
  • Do you feel terrified instead of terrific? 

How does hypnosis help to manage the fear of public speaking?

There is a part of your mind that's sending that fear signal. Something happened in your life on a subconscious level that registers that feeling in your brain, and it brings it back every time you feel exposed with the only intention of protecting you. The reality is that this is a feeling that is not serving you to achieve your goal. 

  • Imagine your accomplishment full of confidence.
  • Imagen a conference room full of people standing up and applauding you.
  • Start taking massive action to speak with no fears. You don't have to be perfect.
  • Trust yourself to speak; you know you can do it, be yourself, no matter what happens.
  • Get in the adventure of finding more opportunities to speak out.
  • Look at the audience and enjoy the sparkled adrenaline of all the people trying to reach you to shake your hand.

Hypnosis can shift the old useless pattern connected directly with your subconscious mind, which doesn't think about all those conscious reasons, turning you into a new self-confident public speaker. It is not that the feeling of responsibility to public speaking disappears, but you learn new techniques to manage stage fright.

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 Managing Fear To Public Speaking