Sleep Improvement

Are you experiencing sleep challenges with intense anxiety and lying awake for hours to drift exhausted into sleep during the night?

      • Are you anxious and stressed or worrying about things?
      • Do you struggle for years with insomnia or sleeping issues? 
      • Tossing and turning for hours trying to fall asleep and calm your monkey mind?
      • Are you worried about owning your own business, traveling the world, completing a career, having a beautiful house, or having a lovely happy family? 

Relaxation Hypnosis is an excellent tool specifically formulated to encourage restful sleep.

Sleeping well has multiple health benefits:

  • You start feeling rested and relaxed.
  • You may sleep through the night—unbroken sleep.
  • You soothe and relax your sore muscles and joints.
  • You wake up feeling energized for a change!
  • Better blood circulation

  • Soothing muscles and giving you deep, deep relaxation. When you quiet your mind and relax, it soothes you to sleep for a whole night's rest and wake up feeling clear, happy, relaxed, feeling rested, ready to take on the day's challenges! 

    During hypnosis, your subconscious mind releases preoccupation and the pressure of any negative thoughts and behaviors that stop you from having regular sleep, recovering the natural ability to sleep and rest. 

    If you want to sleep well (and you don't like the side effects of sleeping pills!), Hypnotherapy is for you.

    Relaxation Hypnosis is designed to support rest, relaxation, recovery, and repair and make your mind clear and focused! 

    Do you want to sleep like an angel and get up like a productivity beast? 

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